Future Releases

The Great War: French Expansion

The next expansion in the Commands and Colours. The Great War WW1 game encompassing the French army 1915-18.


Another co-publishing collaboration with Worthington Publishing to bring you a remastered and upgraded version with plastic miniature of the classic Worthington Rorkes Drift/Isandlwana game. Zulus, ‘undreds of ’em…

For King and Company

A remastering and upgrading of the old Martin Wallace classic, Struggle of Empires.

Battle Ravens

A fun, fast-paced abstract Dark Ages Shieldwall game by Dan Mersey.

The Great War: Russian Expansion

The Great War: Warhorse 1914 Expansion.

Germania by Lew Pulsipher (the designer of Britannia!)

A game of survival and nation-building for two to five players set in western Europe following the fall of the Roman Empire. Each player represents one of the Germanic invaders who, pushed by the Asiatic Huns, settled in and eventually destroyed the Western Empire. As you attempt to consolidate and expand your holdings, a variety of invading nations threaten to overwhelm you, as they overwhelmed the Romans.

SHAEF by Ian Brody

From the beaches of Normandy to the Ruhr Valley, SHAEF is a two-player card-driven, World War II strategy game covering the period from June 1944 through March 1945.

Armoured Storm by Dan Mersey

A fun, fast and furious tank board game with tank miniatures.