Arrowstorm: The knights charge forward at the longbowmen, who desperately shoot volleys of arrows at their well-armoured opponents.

Dismounted men-at-arms ready their poleaxes for the violent impact that awaits, and the less well-armoured footmen cower behind shields, hoping their long spears will keep enemies at bay.

This is the Hundred Years War! Arrowstorm is a lightweight medieval wargame by the well-known tabletop game designer, Daniel Mersey, allowing two players to recreate and re-fight famous battles from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Using historical scenarios and troop types, your goal is to defeat your opponent by out-thinking him or her tactically (using the innovative Tactics Chart), and then by out-manoeurving and out-fighting their models on the game board.

You need to rout your opponents units, slay or capture their Leader, or take and hold strategic areas of the battlefield – by doing so, you’ll gain the Victory Points to win the scenario you’re playing. Within the box is everything you need to discover, set up, and recreate some of the medieval Europe’s most famous battles.

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