The Defence of Procyon III


Procyon is a star 11 light-years from Earth, visible in our skies as the brightest star in the Canis Minor constellation. The system contains the remains of a collapsed star, rich in heavy elements and ripe for industrialisation. It was thus no surprise that in 2104 this was one of the first extrasolar systems to be colonized. Three years later an ancient artefact belonging to a clearly alien civilization was discovered under the settlement. Sensors picked up tachyon radiation signatures of an alien fleet approaching. The UN dispatched its entire Armada to relieve the minimal defences of the settlement, while their scientists worked hard to decipher the alien communications and understand their newfound enemy, whose name was revealed to be the Aethyn. 

Defence of Procyon III is a highly asymmetric game of 4 players in 2 teams: one player takes charge of the Alien space navy, one the Alien ground force, while the other team of the Human space navy admiral and the ground forces’ commander stands in their way. The space board uses a hex board, while the ground board is a point-to-point network of locations. The game is played over 12 turns, using carddriven, lowluck mechanisms that quickly unfold into a fastpaced game of combat strategy presented with highquality miniatures in a rich, thematic world. The two commanders of a side will have to work together closely to make sure there are no weaknesses for the enemy to exploit, yet their different mechanisms and different theatres will ensure each player is comfortably occupied with their own responsibilities. 


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