Tank! kickstarter stretch goals lowered

Tank! kickstarter stretch goals lowered

Lets shake things up a bit – I’ve rearranged and lowered the unlocked stretch goal ladder. As a big thank you for everyone who has backed us so far, I have moved the 2 bonus captured MKIV male tanks stretch goal to GBP 31,000 which is a whisker away from the current total. These models will be painted German dark grey and have balkencreuz decals and can replace the “captured” card tokens to give a better visual to your game. This stretch goal will be a Kickstarter exclusive and will not be in the retail version of the expansion pack!

So, new stretch goal ladder:-

GBP 23,000 – 1 extra British MK IV male tank and bonus scenario -UNLOCKED!

GBP 27,000 – 1 extra British MK IV female tank and bonus scenario -UNLOCKED!

GBP 31,000 – 2 captured British MK IV male tanks (to replace captured tank card tokens). A Kickstarter exclusive!

GBP 34,000 – Raised, clear tinted perspex artillery targeting template to stand over models

GBP 40,000 – Plastic in game card holder rack

GBP 45,000 – A plastic compartmentalised storage box for safe core game figure storage

GBP 55,000 – Updated Command and Combat cards (larger card with larger text and coloured border on Combat cards for easy in play recognition.

GBP 60,000 – Princess Mary tin to store cards and dice

Plus……due to popular demand, you can now add extra card decks and sets of custom combat dice to your pledge at a discounted price of GBP 5 and 4 respectively ”


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