About Us

PSC Games is the creation of William Townshend, a lifelong wargamer and military history enthusiast.

Already a specialist in producing high-quality miniatures using modern hard plastics through his company, The Plastic Soldier Company Ltd, Will saw the potential in the games market for creating a range of wargames to complement his lines. With a lifelong interest in gaming and desire to provide more choice to the wargaming market, Will can provide wargamers with more variety and scenarios to feed their passion to re-enact battles.   

You can expect to see many more games being added to this exciting range: keep an eye on the gaming press for details.  Likewise, if you have any requests or suggestions, please get in touch.

Lincoln battle scene

PSC Games Retailers

PSC Games are proud to support your FLGS. Check out a map of PSC Games retailers below and find out where you can purchase our games!

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