Battle Of Britain

PSC Games are proud to bring you a re-mastered and upgraded version of Richard Borg’s much loved old TSR classic, The Battle of Britain.

Summer 1940, France has fallen and Europe cowers under the jackboot of German military might. Only Great Britain stands alone and defiant – the Battle of Britain commences in the skies over this embattled island. Take command of RAF Fighter Command, marshalling your too few fighter squadrons to protect your homeland’s cities, industrial resources, airfields and vital radar chain.

Take command of the battle hardened Luftwaffe and use your bomber squadrons, protected by your fighter squadrons, to complete a number of specific bombing missions to destroy the RAF and bring Britain to her knees.

Let aerial battle commence!

Can you change the course of history?

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Inevitably, a few gremlins snuck into the rulebook to spread their confusion. No matter how many times we checked, these little critters evaded us:

Page 4, Components
Please note that although 10 German aircraft models are included, you only ever need to use 7 in the game – we included the extras to add variety to which aircraft types you ‘fly’.

Page 23, Air Combat Phase
The first bullet should read:
‘Only flights in the same space with an air combat marker can battle in an air combat.’

Page 26, Air Ace
The first sentence should read:
‘An Ace marker is gained when two opposition squadron cards are shot
down by the same squadron during the course of a dogfight air combat.’

Page 30, Scenario Adjustments
This should be a standalone heading, not a sub-heading under ‘Battle of Britain for 3 & 4 Players’.
The first line should read:
‘When playing Battle of Britain scenario 2 or 3 see below, a few adjustments to the deck of mission and the deck of squadron cards to simulate the Battle of Britain is already in progress are needed.’

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