Prison Architect: Cardboard Country Penitentiary

In Prison Architect: Cardboard County Penitentiary one to four wardens will compete to create the best and most efficient prison the governor could possibly imagine! During the Bidding phase players will simultaneously bid on 4 different categories of room tiles and some staff and policy cards to expand their prison, manage their prisoners need for comfort and hygiene, and to keep them from running away. During the Construction Phase they will arrange the tiles in their Prison Area paying attention to the individual requirements and scoring conditions each tile pose. During Intake, they will decide how many and how dangerous prisoners to accept, and finally they will commit themselves to a number of objectives they have to meet by the end of the game…

Will you focus on making the most cash?
Will you keep your prisoners’ rehabilitation and release in your mind at all times?
How many Objectives do you dare to commit yourself to?
Are you going to try and have a huge prison with lots of inmates, or just focus on the most dangerous of them and earn your reputation as the architect of a lean supermax?

The choice is yours, Warden!

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